Third Party

The vast majority of voting districts are gerrymandered to the point that one political party is nearly always going to win.

This has a negative effect on election decorum because it means Republicans only have to worry about campaigning to Republicans and Democrats only have to campaign to Democrats. In short, they are not typically too concerned about what the other side thinks, which is how we end up with representatives that only support their parties agenda. This is a slight generalization, of course, but something many of us have seen nationwide.

When you run a campaign as a Libertarian, you MUST win the respect of voters on both sides of the debate. This is why electing 3rd party candidates is a healthy option for public service. Libertarians, while we won’t agree on every issue with you, must truly work with everyone from the public to officials. When you elect a libertarian, you are not electing a party, you are electing diversity in thought and a balance to an otherwise biased government.

I’m running for office to exemplify this. I want to work with everyone. I want everyone to go home happy, not just my side of the aisle. Will it always happen? Of course not, but if you elect a 3rd party candidate like myself, you can bet there will be a better balance of ideas.

In Liberty,

Anthony Welti

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