Can the Republican Party and the Democratic party compromise on healthcare?

The Democratic party wants to force the entire country to have “universal healthcare” and the Republican party wants to force the entire county to not have “universal healthcare”. We have roughly 157 million registered voters in America. How about we let the 78 million Democrats opt into one single insurance plan run by the same people they would want to run “universal healthcare”, and we let the 78 million Republicans opt out? Surely 78 million Democrats opting into the program they want would be a success for their goal and that would still allow the Republicans to buy their private insurance plans. Two choices instead of one.


This is the libertarian solution to the two party argument that wants to force you to have one or the other. The Democratic party gets what they want and the Republican party gets what they want. Everyone in the middle gets to choose which one works best for their families.

I’m sure many people will comment on why this won’t work and I reject those notions. What we have now isn’t working and forcing people to participate in things they don’t like is a failure as well. Would it be complex? Sure. So is our current system though, as is the tax code, but that doesn’t stop politicians from adding thousands of new taxes and regulations every single year.

I believe allowing choice is the solution based on American Values of freedom.

If this type of freedom sounds like something you want to be a part of please tag a friend in the comments below and share the post. You can also donate as I can’t help make this a reality without winning my election.

#Welti4WA #BeFree


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