America in Crisis – A Lack of Civility in Duopoly Threatening the Country

By Brad Barnett

The highest position in the world is occupied by a man who takes every chance possible to place blame and insults on the media and his opposing political party. The leaders of the other party return the shots with name calling and political threats of impeachment with words that are not “family friendly”. These leaders, and their inability to act like professionals, have bled their views and fear tactics of the other side into their political base. This, in turn, spreads like a virus throughout the country and splits the population. This form of vial politics has been running unchecked since the day that George Washington resigned, and it’s in danger of ruining our country. The current duopoly that has led this country for the last 100 years, has managed to run our National Debt up to $22 Trillion, which is $90,909,090,909 for every year since the United States declared its Independence. Over the last 20 years, they have repeatedly proven to everyone that civility in the political world is dead, with a little chance of revival.

This desire to not compromise, between the parties and the citizens, has put this issue to a crisis level that has real implications and consequences. This isn’t a fabricated crisis that one of the duopoly members is pushing to get elected; this is a real crisis that could lead to the downfall of the nation. A house divided cannot stand, and we as a country are as divided as we ever have been. Due to this lack of civility, we are now in danger of yet another government shutdown, with neither party willing to compromise on anything. As citizens of this great nation, we are nothing more than a pawn in a bad game of political chess these days, expected to foot the bill for every bad decision or stupid idea one of these corrupt leaders comes up with.

We are in a fight for our liberties and freedoms. With the duopoly in firm control of the country, we have had to let go of essential freedoms like the 4th Amendment, and that’s not the only one that’s in danger. Amendments 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 10…basically the Bill of Rights, are all in danger by the current parties in power. The Constitution is being eroded away by both Republicans and Democrats at an alarming rate, and with the lack of civility among ourselves, we are ignoring the real issue at hand. Once the power of the Constitution is gone, it will not be able to be restored to its original form. Look hard at your elected officials, and hold them accountable.

The Libertarian Party is the only party in the country that is fighting to preserve what our Founding Fathers were able to work together to form. The Libertarians are often times misunderstood because their platform combines views from both the Republicans and Democrats, but it is the only party that is working diligently to recover the freedoms that have been stripped away in the face of national security. It’s the only party that is demanding the budget be balanced by congressional oversight. It’s the only party that is against war. It’s the only party that is working to reduce the deficit. It’s the only party that is willing to sacrifice the election of its members, to push for liberty.

The 2016 Presidential Election was, by most accounts, a vote for the lessor of two evils; which is no way for leaders to be selected. With another Presidential election in 2020, we as a country need to demand more. We need to be able to expect our leadership to work in the greater good of the country and its constituents, not just their base. Vote for the best candidate for the job.

Vote for liberty and freedom. Vote for civility. Vote to save our country.


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