government reform

Improving transparency and accountability are first and foremost my top priority when I take office.  Most people have never heard of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, let alone understand how it impacts their lives.  My term will bring insurance back to the people by focusing on transparent and direct communication; no vague rhetoric, closed door meetings, or secret handshakes with corporate lobbyists.  I promise to never take any phone calls from corporate lobbyists, and if they try I will make their attempt to contact me public so that you, the citizen impacted by this cronyism, are aware of it.  We the People will be back in charge, and no longer will the suits and checkbooks determine regulations. 

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health insurance reform

Health insurance should be affordable and accessible to all, with options for all Washingtonians to get exactly the type of coverage they want.  To make this happen, we must seek out the root cause of why healthcare is so expensive and treat that cause rather than the symptoms. As Insurance Commissioner, I will do everything I can to increase the options available for citizens to purchase or abstain from purchasing as they choose.

Many do not know that the government taxes insurance and many medical services, collecting billions of dollars at the state and federal level that gets passed on to the consumer. This unnecessarily inflates the cost of healthcare for the consumer. The health and wellness of the people should be tax free, and the government should not be profiting off our well-being!  This is the Land of the Free, and we should maximize affordability and allow citizens to choose to purchase whatever insurance we need.

Affordable and accessible choices for all should not be negotiating points, but a pillar on which our freedom should stand.

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auto insurance reform

Every time an insurance company wants to offer a new product or has an idea of how to do things differently it must go through an extensive regulatory process, slowing down any savings for you.  As a result, auto insurance costs are rising rapidly, while new products that could save you money linger for a year or more before approved. This process is shrouded in bureaucratic red tape and cronyism, strangling innovation and stifling those brave enough to try to change the system. 

I will also remove the credit pull laws that are required in Washington every three years.  This policy increases costs not only for insurance companies, but also for consumers when that cost is passed on to them.   Consumers should be in control of when their credit is pulled so that costs stay low and the people can have more options for coverage based on their driving record alone.

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It is the job of doctors to treat patients, not keep up to date with constant regulatory changes that lead to confusion and limit their ability to do their job.   Even well-intentioned programs will fail when tied down with bureaucracy and red tape. As a result, we see constant cost increases and limits on services provided, creating a system that is not only harder to use, but also less accessible to those who truly need it.  I want to end all state mandates and regulations on medical care, drugs, procedures, medical supplies, office visits, and laboratory tests. Doing so will increase the options available to both doctors and patients while also lowering costs.

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