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Who AM I?

Honor and Integrity in politics, to me, means the heart to be true to principles, to not give in to outside pressures and to treat people with respect. It is a privilege to hold office and should be treated as such. When you do that with consistent character, you prove to people that you are trustworthy.  Politicians often talk about serving their constituents with false promises and fancy rhetoric. But, their attitudes and actions lack personal accountability, and they often fall short. I know that with my integrity and honor, I will not be swayed into self serving ways. As a husband and father, it is far too important to me to have a failure in that character. I aim to be empowering and loving. To show people that any single person can make a difference. To love people as they are today, perfectly flawed. To encourage you to stand up, help those in need and not be fearful of what failures you might have.

I hope, more so than any policy we might speak about, that these traits are those of someone worthy of the privileged position of Washington State Insurance Commissioner.

What Do I Believe?

We are all given the natural right to human life. The freewill to be who we are, and who we are to become. That only through self ownership and personal responsibility can we meet our maximum potential. Our world is diverse, full of individuals that should be free to live their life free from corruption and power over their lives. With that true freedom, our individualism can shine and we can live a life full of happiness.  I believe that our individual liberties must not be removed and that our inherent rights to LIFE LIBERTY and The Pursuit of HAPPINESS are paramount to the human race.     


When I am elected to the position of Washington State Insurance Commissioner, I vow to do everything in my power to make insurance more accessible, accountable and affordable. For far too long insurance has been frustrating to the average person in Washington, clouded in cronyism and getting more expensive by the day. I will not let one group of people control another group and, ultimately, I will work tirelessly to put you back in control of your insurance needs.    

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