"If anyone can cut through the nonsense and the red tape, it's this guy. He will bring transparency and accountability to the office. He has the people of our state's insurance needs and frustrations pushing him, and he's fired up!"

- John Schryvers

"Anthony is a great candidate who cares about people and about doing what is right. He’s got my confidence, my vote and my full support."

- Jason Burt

"Anthony Welti truly stands for freedom and liberty. He understands that we deserve to make our own choices and continues to fight for our rights, even when no one else does. We need people like him to take our country back and to get government to step back from their overreaching and remind them the Constitution should always be followed. We cannot continue to give up our freedom and liberty for false senses of security. Thank you so much Anthony for all that you do!!!!"

- Carrie Madore

"Bring Liberty Home. Restore the power to the individual." 

- Ronald Morris

"Probably the most qualified from a grassroots candidate . Should be the only real choice."

- Chase Strong

"Please join me to support Anthony Welti, our tenacious advocate for medical freedom in Washington state."

- Jamie Heijmans

"Truly a liberty minded individual."

- Matt Alexander

"You got my vote"

- Brandon Cornell

"Anthony Welti is a great guy and full of integrity unlike most people in the political arena and our state and federal government. He really cares about the people, and protecting our rights and personal freedoms is his top priority."

- Leah Houser

"I'm voting for this upstanding man! Positive changes for We The People!"

- Maureen Peltier

"Anthony Welti is the kind of person we need working for us! Honest and trustworthy!"

- Heather Nixon

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